Phono-Graphix reading and spelling Therapy

We pride ourselves on our outstanding reading and spelling results which are based on the Phono-Graphix reading and spelling technique. We are certified therapists by “Read for Africa”.

Phono-Graphix™ is a straightforward reading and spelling method, which was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mc Guinness in 1993, at the Read America clinic in Orlando, Florida. It takes the sounds of the English language – and teaches the various sound pictures (letters) that represent those sounds in careful stages.

  • Segmenting – the ability to separate the sounds into words
  • Blending – the ability to blend sounds into words
  • Phoneme Manipulation – the ability to pull sounds in and out of words
  • These skills are taught in the context of real words and learners are provided with strategies to practice and use these skills independently and in varying contexts.
  • The code (written language) and the skills are taught together and reading and spelling are taught at the same time because the two processes are reversible.
  • The very important techniques of Buddy Reading, Mapping, and Scratch Sheet Spelling are fundamental to the method and are integrated into all lessons and transferred into other learning areas.
  • This ensures that learners have ample opportunity to use their skills and the knowledge of the code in real-life situations.
  • This is why Read For Africa is able to teach most children how to read within the first 3 to 6 months of being exposed to literacy instruction.
  • The sooner children learn to read, the more time there will be for spelling and comprehension instruction.
  • The easier children find it to read, the more they will want to read, therefore building their visual memories to become even better spellers!